Sandy Lane
Vacation Rentals
135 Water St
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
B0T 1W0 Canada

tel: 1 902 875 2729
toll-free: 1 800 646 1577

Guest Testimonials

I came to Nova Scotia to renew my soul. I couldn't have found a better place! Sai Cottage was perfectly peaceful. What a beautiful place you have built.
Debra Palaska
Houston, TX, 2010
Great cottage, sunny, quiet, tranquility.  Quietest cottage we have ever stayed at.  Went down Blanche Rd. to the end (about 10 min. from the cottage) and walked the beach and rocks at low tide.  Saw a colony of seals barking on rocks.  Don't miss Cape Forchu outside of Yarmouth, Outstanding.  Compliments on keeping the natural setting
T. Lukaszewski
Ottawa, ON, 2006
Thank you so much for the use of Lupin Lane cottage. I walked in and felt like my dream house had just been real; such a beautiful house in such a beautiful setting. Thank you for a lovely holiday.
The Smiths
Ontario, 2010
Can't remember a vacation where we were less ready or willing to pack up and go home!  This is a fabulous cottage and a truly beautiful setting.  We have been so comfortable and happy here.  Although we have lived a total of more than 60 years in Nova Scotia, we had never truly appreciated the beauty and variety of this part of the South Shore before.  Thank you so much for sharing your lovely summer home.
P. Muir
Halifax, NS, 2005

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