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Guest Testimonials

We had a lovely time and so enjoyed Lupin Lane. The weather was perfect and the beach and sea yielded many treasures. The only problem is that we have to leave but we'll take many good memories with us.
Cynthia, David, Kate, Hugh and Gramma
Sherbroke, Quebec, 2010
Had a wonderful time at Southwest Breaker's Cottage. Felt very relaxed and had all the comforts of home. Beautiful view once the fog lifts. Had several sunny days, a few wet ones.
The Stalkers
Angelica, NY, 2009
Great cottage, sunny, quiet, tranquility.  Quietest cottage we have ever stayed at.  Went down Blanche Rd. to the end (about 10 min. from the cottage) and walked the beach and rocks at low tide.  Saw a colony of seals barking on rocks.  Don't miss Cape Forchu outside of Yarmouth, Outstanding.  Compliments on keeping the natural setting
T. Lukaszewski
Ottawa, ON, 2006
This is our first time to Nova Scotia but not to Canada. We brought our parents with us for a relaxing week; it was and it was so much, much more! Thank you for sharing the Castaway Ocean Lodge with us! It will be a memory that will last a lifetime.
T. C. Claypoole
PA, 2009

Kejimkujik National Park

This granite boulder, now supporting the roots of a stately tree, was smoothed and transported to this spot by the action of glaciers. Geologists sometimes refer to such boulders as "glacial erratics". Photo by Keith Vaughan.


Kejimkujik, the only inland national park of Canada in the Maritimes, features abundant lakes and rivers ideal for canoeing. The lush woodlands and gently rolling landscapes are home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors will find historic canoe routes, portages and many beautiful hiking trails in the park.


The closest cottages to this Park are:
Willow Cove Cottage in Port Mouton; Ocean Vista Cottage in Hunts Point; Peace and Plenty in Western Head and The Samuel Fairbanks House in Liverpool.

Kejimkujik Drive , Route 8


Kejimkujik National Park

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