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Sandy Lane
Vacation Rentals
135 Water St
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
B0T 1W0 Canada

tel: 1 902 875 2729
toll-free: 1 800 646 1577

Guest Testimonials

We enjoyed staying at Beechmont House. Some of us went surfing and golfing. The kids enjoyed the beach and the big park in town. What could be more inspiring than a sunrise in your kitchen! What a starter!
C. Luin
Toronto, ON, 2008
Thank you for sharing The Samuel Fairbanks House with us. We enjoyed Liverpool and meeting many old friends and new ones! Having your home as our base has been ideal with everything and more than expected for a home to home experience.  Your decor is quite lovely and will recommend to friends.  Thanks again.
The Douglas Family
Isle of Man, UK, 2009
We're both architects so it was a particular pleasure to stay in a cottage that we had seen published. We wish more people were building contemporary cottages and the site is gorgeous!
Patricia Milne and Robert Sims
Toronto, ON , 2008
Our first day here we open the curtains to be greeted by the view of a Great Blue Heron standing among the rocks of your little beach area!  For our 20th anniversary what we were looking for was a place that offered quiet an seclusion away from very busy lives! Castaway Ocean Lodge was just the ticket!  Quiet relaxing days of no particular schedule made this an anniversary to remember!
R. Rutherford
Summerside, PEI, 2009

Osprey Arts Centre

Local Blues musician, Bob Vacon performs at the Osprey at the Osprey Arts Centre
The Affections of May. Featuring Alison Stanton, Chett Buchanan, Ed Trevors and Ben Pooley. Local theatre at its best!
Allan Crosby's Debut CD Release Party
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" played by Jeremy Webb. An excellent show.
Scottish traditional and contemporary music with entertaining and at times hilarious interpretation by the orchestra leaders.


The Osprey Arts Centre is located in the historic Dorothy and Gail Building on Shelburne’s picturesque harbour and offers high quality performing arts events, both amateur and professional, to the local and traveling public. Productions vary from the ever-popular Basement Theatre plays to professional performers such as the Shelburne favourite, Matt Minglewood to musical events that highlight local talent … the Hupman Brothers, Robbi Smith, Heavy Water and The Poor Boys. The venue can be booked for special events such as weddings and private parties.







Osprey Arts Centre

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