Canada Day Celebrations in Lockeport Nova Scotia

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Guest Testimonials

 This place is absolutely amazing! We arrived just as the sun was setting and we were completely floored.

House is very comfortable and clean. Lots of great beaches and places to explore.

Highly recommend this place and I know I’ll be back again for sure !!
 Hubley, Canada, 2020
We have fallen in love with Nova Scotia.  It was a wonderul week.  We  were able to enjoy many of the amaxing beaches and sights around this area.  We even saw porpoises right outside our cottage!
H. Cranston
RI, USA, 2007
My husband and I came to your beautiful home for our 1st wedding anniversary and loved every minute of it. The view at Castaway Ocean Lodge is fabulous as well as the quiet and tranquility. The idea of coming to a place so private and peaceful was very appealing and your spot definately lived up everything it promised!  Thank you so much.  Hopefully we will be back in the future!
C. Lee
Lower Sackville, NS, 2009
 Private, spacious and perfect!
 Moncton, Canada, 2018

Lockeport Canada Day Festival

Come celebrate Canada Day in Lockeport


Lockeport shows its patriotic spirit with a week of festivities that include live music, a large parade, a variety of children's events, a fireworks display and some traditional Nova Scotia competitions such as dory races and a grease pole.

The grease pole is a spectator's sport and by this I mean it is better to be a spectator.    The event consists of a pole covered in shortening or lard positioned over the harbour.  Money is placed at the end of the pole and contestants take turns sliding barefoot to the end of the pole to collect the money. Many try and most fail.  It is always funny to watch.


Lockeport, NS


June 25 - July 1, 2018

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