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Guest Testimonials

We've had a great week. Weather was beautiful; sunny and warm almost everyday. We went to Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Shelburne, Lockeport and Mahone Bay. Our cottage was lovely and the view was breathtaking! Crescent Beach in Lockeport is lovely!
Anne, Gail, Jeff, and Lauren
London, ON, 2009
The Francis Louis House was great! We drove up to Durham Lane and down to what's known as the
old wharf. We took a lovely walk along that fabulous beach-left toward the mouth of the harbor. A great place to visit at low tide. Afterwards we rode down to the end of St. Catherine's River Road, stopping to view the marsh before the big curve near the end of the road. We saw an adult bald eagle atop one of the scraggly tall spruces!
Richard, Kathy and Barbara
Toronto, May, 2009


We stayed at Elm Tree Cottage while buying a house in Shelburne. Perfect. We’d recommend for anyone. No space for kids or guests but for a couple it’s perfect! Great host. 


As beautiful place as we've ever seen, and so quiet!  (if you don't count wind, flapping wings and chattering squirrels).  We loved Sand Hills and Shelburne - Chester was a bit too precious.  Nova Scotians were so friendly and outgoing.  But most of all we loved the unimpaired abiility here to relax and reflect.
M. DiPietro
Newton, MA, 2007

Cape Roseway Lighthouse

Also know as McNutts Island Lighthouse, Cape Roseway Lighthouse stands at the tip of McNutts Island at the mouth of Shelburne Harbour.
McNutts Island Lighthouse at the mouth of Shelburne Harbour


The light station at Cape Roseway was the third to be established in Nova Scotia. This lighthouse is on the Canadian Lighthouse Doomsday List of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society. The dwellings and other buildings have fallen into disrepair since the light was automated in 1986.Directions: This lighthouse is accessible by boat.


McNutt's Island, at the entrance to Shelburne Harbour


McNutts Island, Nova Scotia


Cape Roseway Lighthouse

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