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Guest Testimonials

Neptunes Rise is the perfect getaway while being close to amenities.

 Stillwater Lake, Canada, 2020
I came to Nova Scotia to renew my soul. I couldn't have found a better place! The cottage was perfectly peaceful. What a beautiful place you have built.
D. Palaska
Houston, TX, 2010
Summerset Cottage is an absolutely beautiful spot to stay!! 5 star for everything!!
 Newport, Canada, 2021
Kayaking with the seals was a definite trip highlight. Sand hill and Blanche beaches were spectacular! Thank you for letting us use your magnificent cottage!
P. Lalonde
Oxford Station, ON, 2006

Seal Island Lighthouse

Seal Island Lighthouse 1990, before it was de-staffed, showing the big double keepers` house. Image © Chris Mills


This is the second oldest lighthouse tower in Nova Scotia. The lantern and lens were removed from the lighthouse in 1978; they are now on top of the Seal Island Lighthouse Museum in Barrington. The museum is operated by the Cape Sable Historical Society.

The lighthouse is still maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard. The lighthouse is on the Doomsday List of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society; the surrounding land is under threat by real estate investors who have already bought half the island and threaten access.

Directions: Seal Island is accessible by boat only. The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society hosts a guided trip each September. This two-day trip includes a two-hour cruise on a Cape Island boat to the remote island. Explore the rocky coastline, learn the romantic story of the establishment of the light station, and stay overnight in the fisherman's bunkhouse.

For more information email the NSLPS.  If you are interested in visiting the island, contact them and they can arrange a trip for you.


Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia


Seal Island, Nova Scotia


Seal Island Lighthouse

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