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Shelburne, Nova Scotia
B0T 1W0 Canada

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Guest Testimonials

  Bright View Cottage is a great scenic spot for a relaxing family weekend away. Pictures do not do this location justice!
 Ottawa, Canada, 2019
A beautifully clean and thoughtfully equipped house and delightful location too.Thank you. Our first trip to  Nova Scotia and definitely not out last.
The Saunders Family
Hampshire, England, 2007
 Absolutely charming ocean-side house....
Orchard Point was more than I had hoped for. My 6 year old daughter and I shared a week together at this amazingly charming beach house. There are gorgeous beaches within a short driving distance. If you're in for a bit of a rock climb, you could go swimming right outside the house as well. The views from the front door were simply breath-taking. Honestly... just pack lightly, and go! Everything you need is right at the house. I would definitely recommend Orchard Point. We hope to be back soon to build more memories!

Brechin, Canada, 2018

 My husband and I take a vacation every year on our anniversary!! I had suggested going to Nova Scotia because neither of us have ever been there before and we both have always wanted to go!! I found Castaway Ocean Lodge on Home away website. My husband and I love log cabin homes and try to rent them when we have vacations!! The pictures of the cabin looked beautiful and we were not disappointed. We found it very easy to find. We came upon the cabin, we both said WOW at the same time!! The cabin was beautiful inside and out! This vacation was about relaxing, no agenda!! Each day, I awoke early in the morning, made coffee, and sat outside on the deck, reading, drinking coffee and enjoying the beautiful ocean views!! I took pictures every day of the sunset looking over the ocean!! It was absolutely breathtaking! The cabin had everything you needed for amenities. We travelled to surrounding communities of Shelburne, Liverpool, Barrington and Halifax! I would recommend this cabin for anyone who wants tranquility, serenity and a peaceful vacation!!
 Nashua, NH, US, 2015


The gardens along Dock Street are rich with colour.
Taking the children for a walk along Shelburne's Dock Street on a glorious summers day in August.
A view of Shelburne from the harbour. The white church was constructed as part of the set for the movie "Moby Dick" that was shot in Shelburne in the summer of 2009.
A beautiful summers day on Dock Street.
Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club is a hub of activity in the summer.


In the spring of 1783, over 5000 settlers arrived on the shores of Shelburne Harbour from America. Assurance of living under the British flag, and promises of free land, tools, and provisions lured many to the British Colonies at that time. In the fall of 1783, a second wave of settlers arrived and by 1784, the population of this new community is estimated to have been at least 10,000 the fourth largest in North America - much larger than either Halifax or Montreal.

Today, Shelburne is a charming historic town set on a truly spectacular harbour. Unspoiled by industry or shipping, local town's folk like to boast that it is the third best natural harbour in the world after Sydney and Halifax. Over 16 km long, and dotted with small communities and beaches, the harbour is perfect place to sail, canoe or kayak.  

A walk through the Historic District is a trip through architectural history. The six narrow lanes and four streets retain the same dimensions and character as laid out by the original British surveyors.  Of the 46 residential properties in the District, only one was built after 1900.  Eight of the twelve dwellings facing the water were built before 1785. With over a dozen architectural styles present Shelburne's wooden heritage is considered the most significant in Canada.
The museum complex, with it four museums - the Muir-Cox Shipyard, Dory Shop Museum, Ross-Thompson House and the Shelburne County Museum are all worth a visit.  When the dory shop was established in 1880, it was part of a dory-building industry, which at its peak, included at least seven shops along the Shelburne waterfront. 


Shelburne, Nova Scotia

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