Canada Day Celebrations in Lockeport Nova Scotia

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Guest Testimonials

A perfect ocean side retreat.
The area around Shelburne and Barrington is a Nova Scotia treasure. Red Head Retreat is a perfect place to stay and enjoy it. Comfortably furnished, bright and sparkling clean plus you can sit on the deck in a rocking chair and take in the expansive view of the ocean complete with a lighthouse. The kitchen is well stocked and has two under the counter refrigerators. This was our third rental with Sandy Lane Vacation Rentals and it certainly won't be our last.
Linda H.
 Beach Heaven is gorgeous - beautiful amenities and location. We had a great time.
 Halifax, Canada, 2021
We had a fantastic stay at Francis Louis House on our honeymoon. It's a relaxing and beautiful! This is a truely a unique place and we enjoyed every moment here.
Lig and Nick
Pointe Claire. QC, 2009
 A fabulous two week getaway
We had a fabulous two week vacation. It was a shot in the dark because we had no prior information on the site other than what was provided. We were not disappointed. Castaway Ocean Lodge is large and comfortable. It has a well equipped kitchen and the furnishings are top notch. The site is somewhat secluded that gives privacy with access to the ocean and a very good view. There is an excellent protected bay for kayaking and a good hot tub to relax in after a day on the water.
delta ontario
 ON, 2012

Lockeport Canada Day Festival

Come celebrate Canada Day in Lockeport


Lockeport shows its patriotic spirit with a week of festivities that include live music, a large parade, a variety of children's events, a fireworks display and some traditional Nova Scotia competitions such as dory races and a grease pole.

The grease pole is a spectator's sport and by this I mean it is better to be a spectator.    The event consists of a pole covered in shortening or lard positioned over the harbour.  Money is placed at the end of the pole and contestants take turns sliding barefoot to the end of the pole to collect the money. Many try and most fail.  It is always funny to watch.


Lockeport, NS


June 25 - July 1, 2018

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