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Guest Testimonials

What a great spot! This is a charming home away from home. People are friendly; it is safe for kids to play around the neighborhood, and great food nearby.
The Krag Family
Shelburne, VT, 2004
What a fabulous week we've had!!!  Wonderful water - such a lovely spacious cozy home. Castaway Ocean Lodge has a view to die for.  We loved Shelburne and Lockeport too; very quaint with lovely old house and so quiet and unspoiled.
J. Mayhew
London, ON, 2009
We had a wonderful time at our cottage. The ocean view with seals and sea birds was exceptional. The cottage was clean and comfortable. We enjoyed our stay very much. Thank you Helen and John for giving us a very relaxing vacation.
A. G. Rossetto
Lancaster, NH, 2007
The property is such a lovely place! We really loved the place and shall come back. It couldn't be better.
Tania and Henry
Toronto, ON, 2005

Crescent Beach

A mile long stretch of white sandy beach.
The water and waves were perfect for an afternoon of skim boarding at the Lockeport beach bash.
I love this picture of Lucas and Halley going for a walk on the Lockeport beach. Such a cute brother and little sister photo
Our entry for the 2011 Sand Castle Contest was "Big Foot". Here Sam is illustrating just how much big "big foot" is! No, we didn't win the contest, but the kids had fun!
This was the winning sand sculpture for 2011. The photo really does not do it justice!


Crescent Beach is a mile-long stretch of white sand that links the town of Lockeport to the mainland. As a serviced beach, parking, changing rooms, showers and washrooms, a canteen, craft shop, visitor information centre and internet access site can all be found at the Crescent Beach Centre.

On different weekends in the summer the beach plays host to a variety of different festivals and contests.  Everything from sandcastle building contests to beach parties to the ever popular Sea Derby. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day with your children. 


Nearest Cottages:
Castaway Ocean Lodge, Ragged Island Retreat, Bright View Cottage and Black Point Cottage are all approximately a 10 minutes drive. 

Sanderling Beach House is about a 15 minutes drive to the beach.

Driving Directions:
To get to Lockeport's Crescent Beach take Exit 24 off HWY 103.  Follow signs for Lockeport.  You can't miss the beach, its on the right.  There is parking at the Crescent Beach Centre.


Crescent Beach in Lockeport is a beach we go to frequently.  This past summer I took my children to the Beach Bash.  We could not have asked for a better day.  The weather was truly spectacular!  The sun was hot overhead, and little white wisps of clouds dotted the blue skies . 

We took blankets, chairs, beach toys and a picnic and spent the day playing in the waves and soaking up the sun.  As part of the beach bash, we entered our "big foot" into the sand sculpture contest.  Our creation was not creative enough for a prize.  The beautiful mermaid created by artist Rebecca Tudor won first prize.  I did notice that she came with all sorts of sculpting tools - everything from brushes to chopsticks.  Next year we will add sculpting tools to the beach bag.  By then the kids will be bigger and hopefully be able to help me carry all the stuff!

Here is a little video I uploaded to YouTube.


Lockeport, NS

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