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135 Water St
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
B0T 1W0 Canada

tel: 1 902 875 2729
toll-free: 1 800 646 1577
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Guest Testimonials

 Serenity at its best!
We fell in love with the area immediately! Sanderling Beach House has every convenience anyone could need for a perfect stay...and then some! The kitchen is fully equipped with small appliances, specialty utensils, cookware and dinnerware. There is plenty of room to accommodate more than 4 people at mealtime, sitting around the large centre island or at the dining/kitchen table. The rooms are comfortably equipped with quilts and extra blankets, if needed. We especially liked being able to BBQ at the house in the screened-in sunroom. There are plenty of Muskoka chairs to sit and laze around the deck or down at the beach. The white sand beach is magnificent! We walked it many times each day and felt like it was our own private beach. Very few people venture down to this area of beach from the public beach area, even though it is the best, in my opinion. It has the best view, clearest water, and no rocks. The tide comes in and out frequently so there were many sandbars for us to walk on and large ‘puddles’ to wade in. The water was quite cold, so we did not spend a lot of time in the ocean itself…we preferred the sun-warmed ‘puddles’ that were formed by the tide. (There were many jellyfish in the area, as well.) We thoroughly enjoyed the Beach House and were able to truly relax! We did boost our data plan so that family members could access email, etc., and then accessed Wi-fi when we headed into town, for groceries, etc. It was nice not feeling the need to be connected on our vacation. Thank you for the excellent accommodations!
 Ontario, Canada, 2019
Francis Louis House is an architectural gem of a house, great location, great setting. The weather was warm and sunny. Went to Carter's Beach and Louis Head Beach-beautiful. Hope to come back and visit Nova Scotia again-a great vacation.
The Uarro Family
Toronto, ON, 2009
What a charming, well-appointed little home is the cottage.  I have been so comfortable and content is this historic and lovely setting.  It will be very difficult to drive away.  Shelburne, especially history-laden is a delight for "land-lubbers" seeking fresh seafood, good (super) accommodations and sightseeing - beaches, museums, period costumes, pleasant faces and helpful info everywhere!  Farewell Nova Scotia, and we'll not forget what we've learned about the folks who make this province great, nor those who went before to build its harbour towns.
C. Clarke
Ontario, 2009
Beach Heaven is a very modern, well-appointed property with beautiful views and quick access to a lovely beach. The hot tub and saunas are nice bonuses too! The kitchen is well-equipped making meal prep a breeze.
The location is ideal for day trips to different areas on Nova Scotia's south shore, and is handy to a number of parks and bird sanctuary areas.
 Dartmouth, Canada, 2020