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Guest Testimonials

We have enjoyed a very relaxing week in Moose Harbour Cottage. It was a great base for us to explore Nova Scotia and we have got lots of good memiories and photos to take home with us.  You have managed to make our first trip to Canada amazing and we are already planning when we might be able to come back.
N. Pepper
England, 2009
 It was an absolute pleasure to stay at Neptune's Rise!

Before our trip Helen gave me an extensive package of information about Shelburne and Nova Scotia and details about the house. If you’re going to use the stand-up paddle boards don’t forget to sign your liability waiver! It was so much fun to take them out on the open water.

The house is quite secluded and it’s gorgeous! The photos in the listing are very accurate.

I was pleased to see so many personal touches in Neptune’s Rise. For instance, there were tons of games and books to help you pass the time without phone, internet, or tv. There were lots of pastimes for kids too, such as colored pencils, books, and toys. The kitchen was stocked with all the pots, pans, and utensils that you’d need to prepare home-cooked meals. I was a bit concerned about a lack of kitchenware, especially due to COVID-19, but we found everything that we needed. Importantly, there was a percolator and a French press for coffee in the morning.

The bedrooms were spacious and had a great deal of storage, and the beds were very comfortable! I thought the overall decor was a nice blend of modern and personal touches.

We didn’t spend a ton of time in Shelburne because we spent our days going to beaches and lighthouses around the shore. But, we did have a great time at Boxing Rock and their shandy is the perfect summertime drink. I also recommend: the tomato soup at the Keeper’s Kitchen at the Cape Forchu lighthouse, Crescent Beach in Lockeport, and hiking at Thomas Raddall Provincial Park.

This was our most memorable experience from Neptune’s Rise …
We wanted to try the paddle boards so we brought them down to the water and started paddling around near the house. When we got our sea legs we decided to paddle to a sandy beach across the cove. It was a bit of a jaunt, and the waves made it a bit difficult to land on the beach, but it was well worth it. On our way back we spotted a seal who was watching us from a distance. The seal must have been curious because it swam closer and closer. I guess the seal’s curiosity drew the attention of its friends because before long there was a group of 5 seals! At this point I was trying to remember anything I could about the predatory tendencies of seals and I tried to keep my mind on getting back to shore. We paddled home without incident and we were followed by the curious seal. That seal watched as I floated near the shore and drank my shandy. When it realized I wasn’t going to do anything interesting it joined its friends and swam back out to sea.
 Canada, 2020
Had a great time!  A few blueberries were out and tasty.  Loved the cottage and its hominess. Carter's Beach felt like being down south.  My 2 year old daughter loved running around in the garden and playing on the beach.  Fireplace was cozy!
A. Power
Dartmouth, NS, 2009
We had a fantastic time. Such a relaxing atmosphere and inspiring architecture.  Sand Hills Park was a great beach... Nice warm water.   Thank you for sharing your cottage!
C. MacLennan
Ottawa, ON, 2005